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5 SaaS Metrics That Matter to Investors With Jess Bartos Of Salesforce Ventures

Episode Summary

In this episode of SaaS Open Mic, I’m speaking with Jess Bartos, an investor with Salesforce Ventures. We discuss the SaaS metrics that investors like Jess use to evaluate the potential of a company, no matter the market conditions. If you’re looking to secure VC funding, you should understand your growth trajectory, net dollar retention, gross margin, rule of 40, and burn multiples.

Episode Notes

On this episode of SaaS Open Mic with Jess Bartos of Salesforce Ventures: 

  1. Growth needs to endure at high rates
  2. Net Dollar Retention means you’re delivering on your promise
  3. Turn your gross margin into growth
  4. Rule of 40 is the balance between growth and profitability
  5. Burn multiples measure growth efficiency
  6. Use your SaaS metrics to tell a great story to your investors