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Building a successful SaaS partnership program with Recurly's Jenna Wyer

Episode Summary

The concept of partnerships exists at most early stage startups, but often in an unstructured and unproductive format. Jenna Wyer, VP of Partnerships and Head of Payments at Recurly, joins me on this week’s episode of SaaS Open Mic. We discuss what it takes to build a successful partnership program.

Episode Notes

In this episode of SaaS Open Mic, I talk to Jenna Wyer (@Jenna W.), Vice President of Partnerships and Head of Payments at Recurly.

Jenna has an impressive background in partnerships and payments from her time with Recurly, Spreedly, and as the founding VP of Sales at Braintree. This means she’s no stranger to navigating relationships with payment giants like Stripe and the intricacies of how complex software work together.

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